Change the background now. We’re going to grab a Lasso tool and we’re going to make a rough selection around that background. Just to demonstrate to you how effectively this works, I’m making a very arbitrary choice. You don’t want it to be too tight, in fact. You should give it some space.

Now, we’re going to hit Generate a fill. And why don’t we put in city? Hit Generate.

And we actually get three options in the Properties panel.

Each time we regenerate or change the prompt, it creates three more images. Choose the one you want to use.

This is the image I started with. Let’s give her some jeans instead of the skirt.

Make a selection with the lasso tool.

Hit Generative Fill, type in jeans. Let’s look at variations.

To view the variations, We can either view the thumbnails in the info panel. or click the arrows in the toolbar. 

These are brand new images that never existed before. Let me show you. Why don’t we change this jacket to a plaid shirt?

Make a selection with the lasso tool

Type in plaid shirt. And look at that.

Some of the results you get here are not always perfect.

We could change this to something else, say a tank top. This one is looking pretty realistic. I mean, look at the arms and the shirt. Look how it’s even made the area for the sleeves and everything.

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