Now comes the crucial period. Let’s contrast the two AI-powered selection tools’ selection quality.

Select subject and a subject with a lot of hair will be our first choices. Yes, the backdrop is straightforward, but the goal here is to evaluate the edges of the two tools rather than engage in a challenging selection task.

Here is the selection. I won’t make any refinements or modifications in this test, just a single click only. At the end of the tutorial, I’ll show how to refine the edges.

Lets click the layer mask button to mask this Select subject.

Onto Object finder.

Make sure Object Finder is on.

Click to select

This also has a mask on it. Now arrange the two choices side by side so you can compare them. On the left, we have Object Finder, and on the right, we have Select Subject.

We’ll examine several background colours. The fact that this tool is now useable and the selection isn’t poor at all is what first caught my attention. It’s not ideal, but keep in mind that we haven’t tested it yet, and any selecting tools only serve as a starting point.

closer up, you can see things like the eyelash.

Here it is on white

and on black, I notice the Object finder (on the left) seems to do a better job with the fine details on the hair.

Here is a different selection. Select subject is doing better with the smooth details on the back of the skater, however its missing part of the board (all of these are easy fixes).

I hope you found this tutorial useful

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